Thursday, November 16, 2006


The new expansion for Everquest 2 came out last Tuesday. After having to run around Phoenix looking for a copy, installing and patching for 18 hours (Yes, I do have cable internet.) I was finally able to get in and start playing.

So far..... I LOVE THE GAME!!! Whatever the EQ2 team has been doing over at Sony in the past couple of years since the game came out they have been doing great. I was never really able to get into the game back when it came out. I am leaning towards the explanation that no longer do you start with one of four classes to start out and then at level 10 and 20 you finally get to choose the real class you want.

I am also loving the berserker class. It was my favorite class in EQ1 and I am finding it is even better in EQ2.